Xiaomi Watch 4

A photography vs. 3D challenge


Digital watches are often presented in the form of 3D models rather than photographs.

If you have ever visited any digital watch website, you will see that they do not show real pictures of the watches, but 3D models. In many cases, it is easy to spot the difference, because they have a different look and textures than the real product.

This decision is due to the diversity of materials and reflections of their surfaces, smartwatches are not an easy object to photograph and the final images require a thorough post-production.


Let’s put our commercial photography and post-production service to the test.

We decided to prove that we could achieve results that were more realistic than the brand’s 3D and just as attractive. And so we did. In less than 24 hours, the Xiaomi Watch 4 photos were ready and post-produced in high resolution to be used in an advertising campaign.





Zarik Ahuir


  • Commercial photography
  • Postproduction

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