Everywhere like home

A campaign that embraces the contradictions of the human being


We like to explore and be at home at the same time.

Humans are contradictory: we love to discover new things and embark on adventures to unknown places, but we also feel the need to have a place to return to, where we can feel safe and rest.


Feel at home wherever you are

No matter how far your adventures take you, Camplify’s variety of motorhomes and camper vans allows you to feel at home anywhere, whatever your needs or comfort requirements.

At the time this campaign was launched, people were not aware of how comfortable and versatile some motorhomes were, so it unveiled a new option for them to enjoy their vacations.

This campaign, which began in the UK and spread to Australia, New Zealand and Spain, marked a turning point for Camplify. The brand moved from focusing on its large repertoire of vehicles to connecting with people, their values and their interests.


Results that took the Camplify brand far and wide

We developed our brand strategy for Camplify over 3 years, helping the company grow at an incredible pace and enabling it to consolidate its position as the number 1 company in its sector in Australia and New Zealand, and to position itself among the leaders in the UK and Spain.









Zarik Ahuir


  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Video Production
  • Postproduction

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