A 100% pure story

The origin of pure honey as it has never been told before.


Not all honeys can be called pure

100% pure honey is a superfood with incredible health benefits that are linked to its purity. But many people don’t know much about it, which causes them to buy honey that is usually adulterated or processed without realizing what they are buying, or that they are losing all those benefits.


The best way to tell facts is through a good story.

Like other unknown wonders, if pure honey is not better known among the general public, it is because its story has not been told often enough, nor in a sufficiently attractive way.

It was not enough to explain the differential values of pure honey. We had to connect emotionally with people, in a way that was easy to remember and transmit, like the stories and tales of our childhood. So that was the tone we gave to the launch video.

With a close, human and honest communication, we were able to set the foundations of a brand based on trust and transparency in its production processes and in the origin of its pure honey.

The campaign is made up of 12 other videos, targeted at social networks, which delve deeper into the properties of World of Bees pure honey.



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